Diane K. Smith, Esq., Executive Director 

Carol Vadimsky Spicer, Deputy Director

Kevin J. Morrissey, Chief Financial Officer


Staff by County

Hunterdon County Office

Alisa Grossman, Esq., Managing Attorney

Martha Gonzalez, Esq., Senior Attorney

Carrie B. Ferraro, Esq., Attorney

Vivian Kale, Paralegal


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Morris County Office

Gerald R. Brennan, Esq., Managing Attorney

Pamela Bell, Legal Assistant

Gladys Gil, Support Staff

Scott H. Dranoff, Esq., Attorney

Carolyn Hand, Esq., Attorney

David M. Saltzman, Esq., Attorney

Sharon Yoo, Esq., Attorney

Sonia Tul-Figueroa, Paralegal


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Somerset County Office

Angela Arabia-Meyer, Esq., Attorney

Irene L. Corcoran, Intake Supervisor

Sulma Marino, Support Staff

Richard A. Mastro, Esq., Senior Attorney

Nana Abena A. Osafo, Esq., Attorney

Claudia Ruiz Von Briel, Paralegal

Aditya Singh, Legal Assistant / Social Media

Pamela Sloan, Finance Team

Andrea L. Strack, Esq., Attorney

Jennifer L. Stoy, Finance Team / Legal Assistant

Elizabeth Szabo, Esq., Senior Attorney


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Sussex County Office

Victoria Reiners, Esq., Managing Attorney

Michele Curcio, Legal Assistant

Melissa Kiefer, Esq., Attorney

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Warren County Office

Grace E. Kelly, Esq., Managing Attorney

Matthew R. Bradley, Esq., Attorney

Billie Jean Beers-Staples, Paralegal

Theresa A. Kist, Office Manager / Legal Assistant