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Volunteer opportunities are available for corporate counsel, as well as in-house for retired attorneys, law students, interns and others interested in legal services work.

Volunteer Lawyer Program

LSNWJ encourages the participation of private attorneys in the delivery of legal services to low-income people through its Volunteer Attorney Program (VLP). The volunteer attorney may designate the types of cases for which he or she is available to provide representation. LSNWJ screens the potential client for financial eligibility and type of case before making a referral. Filing fees are waived for VLP cases and LSNWJ maintains a budget for expert fees and other major litigation costs. LSNWJ provides malpractice coverage as a supplement to the private attorney’s coverage. Training and support are available. VLP attorneys who provide 25 or more hours of service annually are exempt from court assignments.

Contact LSNWJ about volunteer opportunities at: 

LSNWJ Volunteer Coordinator

Or sign up at Pro Bono NJ