Lowenstein Sandler’s Pro Bono in the Park

LSNWJ’s Diane K. Smith, Carol V. Spicer, and Viv Kale were honored to be included in Lowenstein Sandler’s celebration of equal justice at the annual Pro Bono in the Park.  LSNWJ works with Lowenstein Sandler, Merck and Community Hope through our Veterans Justice Initiative to provide legal assistance to veterans in need.  Retired Justice Long spoke passionately about the great needs in our community for the skills, expertise and time of attorneys.  She reminded us that it is not enough to be smart – smart lawyers are a dime a dozen – we have to be smart AND do good.

ProBono in the Park

Retired NJ Supreme Court Justice Virginia Long

ProBono in the Park2

Lowenstein Center for the Public Interest Chair, Catherine Weiss

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